Introduction: Origami Cup (Very Easy)

Seems like a lot of steps but it is extremely simple

Step 1: Square Piece of Paper

Self explanatory

Step 2: Fold in Half

So it makes a triangle

Step 3: Fold Right Side to the Left

So the bottom left corner is between the top and bottom left corners

Step 4: Now, Fold Left Corner to the Top Right Corner

So now there is a small triangle on the bottom

Step 5: Fold Top Flap Inwards

So it meets with the tip of the small triangle

Step 6: Flip Over

Also self explanatory

Step 7: Fold Other Flap Inwards

So now both flaps are folded

Step 8: Open Middle With Finger

So it opens

Step 9: Squeeze Sides So It Opens Up

Now the cup is formed

Step 10: Finished!

Btw liquid does not actually stay in it unless you cover all the paper with tape, but then you will get the toxins from the glue on the tape in your drink which is gross and unhealthy