Introduction: Origami DIY Chinese Lotus

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This is a tutorial to make an extremely simple Chinese Lotus that can be made in a couple of minutes. This design is widely used, but I found it out for myself one day while fiddling in class.


For this project, you need one single piece of paper. I used traditional origami paper, but you can make your own using this tutorial.

Step 1: Printer Paper Priming

Get your piece of printer paper and fold the short side so it is on top of the long side. When the corners are flush, cut off the piece that overhangs and unfold to make a relatively perfect square.

Step 2: Layers

Get your paper and fold it both sides so it is divided into 4 sides. Crease multiple times to get maximum efficiency. Fold all four corners towards the center to make another square. Repeat once more to make an even smaller square.

Step 3: Legs

Fold all corners towards the center, but this time fold the flaps back about 2/3 of the way there to make legs for the lotus and fold it towards the back of the paper.

Step 4: Petals

Flip it back with the legs facing down. Take the flaps from the inside and place them onto the corners, but don't crease them completely to make them stand up. Do it once more with the next layer until you can see the bottom. And there you are!

P.S. Please appreciate this as this is my first post and send feedback because I want to improve!

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