Introduction: Origami Desk Lamp

To make this lamp you will need:


Scissors/Exacto Knife

Light Socket and Cord

Light Bulb


Step 1: The Measurement of the Lamp and Paper Choice

Before you begin with any measurements make sure to pick the correct thickness of paper. Paper that is too thick won't fold properly, paper that is too thin won't hold it's own weight (If the paper is too thin you can always layer it in certain places to stiffen the lamp.) The lamp you make can be any size, but the golden rule is that you always multiply the height of the lamp by 4. For example: If you decide to make a lamp that is 8 inches high then the width will automatically be 32 inches, or If you decide to make a lamp that is 5 inches high then the width will automatically be 20 inches, etc.

Step 2: Keep in Mind...

Keep in mind to add a tab at the part of the lamp that will be in contact with the table. Glue one side to the other to add stability and strength to the lamp.

Step 3: The "Backbone of the Lamp

After you have decided on the length of your lamp add the following illustration to your cut out. This will be the "backbone" for your lamp and it will ultimately be a guideline to help you do the proper foldings in the correct places.

Step 4: Begin Making the Folds

The folds are self explanatory, mountain folds fold up, while valley folds fold down. The Illustration on step 2 will show you which folds are which. After the foldings are done the lamp should snap into place.

Step 5: Add Extra Stability If Needed.

I added a piece of paper to hide the cord and to add a bit more stability. This step is optional, but if you feel that your lamp will benefit from this then add it.

Step 6: Insert Lamp Socket

Insert the lamp socket and the cord, the socket should fit neatly, and it should stay in place without adding anything else.

Step 7: Add Lightbulb

When adding the light bulb additional structure might be needed. Adding tape around the base of the lightbulb and taping it to the top should be sufficient.

Step 8: Finished!!

You have now completed the lamp. If done correctly the lamp should have two positions. 1: standing straight up, and 2: leaning back. Enjoy!

Please feel free to modify the design to your liking, I hope everything works out and I am excited to see any interpretations or modifications made.