Introduction: Origami Dollar Flower

Using three or four bills you can make a modular flower.

Step 1: Fold in Half

Take bill and fold lengthwise.

Step 2: Corners

Fold end corners down to meet the bottom edge. You are bisecting a 90 degree angle.

Step 3: 3

Lift up the folded end and fold the side to match the crease line. You do the same to the other side. Bilateral symmetry applies.

Step 4: 4

This is what it looks like after completion of step 3. If lazy stop and say you made a dollar bill bustier.

Step 5: 5

Fold the tips that were sticking up in the last step back to match the front.

Step 6: 6.

Fold in half lengthwise. You must have little diagonal pockets on the outside or you folded it the wrong way.

Step 7: Last Step for the Module

On the module you must fold along the edge that has the pocket. You want all the modules to fold in the same direction. At this point you need to have 3 or four modules. The initial picture has three the final four. It is exactly the same process for assembly.

Step 8: Start Assembly

Holding one unit as shown tuck the other tip into the pocket. Repeat the process all the way around.

Step 9: 9

You will need to put your finger inside the petals and shape them.

Step 10: Finally

This is assembly with four units. Any questions drop me a line:)
Other designs are at

Step 11: Back of 3 Unit Assembly

Back of three unit assembly with 20 dollar bills. They have a lovely color, but of course they ended up getting taken apart and used.

Other designs are at