Introduction: Origami Inspired Draw String Bag

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I have recently been experimenting with origami using the folding methods to make useful items.  Here is an adorable origami purse I made from a tutorial online.  It is quick, easy, and cheap.  You can make this using  scarfs or napkins sewn together.  This purse would be so chic out of denim.  I will be making more of these altering the pattern to make it a little more unique as well as functional.  

Step 1: Supplies

Things You'll Need

2 Contrasting fabrics  (1/2  Yard  each cut into 18 inch squares and sewn together .) Or use a contrasting lined napkin or scarf.  
1 Yard iron in interfacing
Measuring tape
Sewing machine
Straight pins
1/2 inch wide ribbon, 2 yards
Safety pin
I thought it needed a button

I thought of the idea and searched if anyone has been making these.  Some quilt place made it and when I went back to copy the link there is something wrong with the link.  Here is the link in case they get it working: http:// www.quiltcetera.­com

Step 2: Instructions

Here are the instructions to make the lined fabric:


Cut (1)  18 Inch square from each piece of fabric.
Cut 2     18 Inch squares from interfacing.
Iron the interfacing to the wrong side of each square following the instructions with the interfacing.
Pin The right sides of the fabric together.
Using a marker place dots in the center of the edge leaving a 4 inch opening to turn the fabric right side out.  
Beginning at the 2ND dot sew all the way around the square until you reach the dot that marks  the  beginning of  the opening.  
Stop there.  
Trim the loose threads.
Cut the corners at an angle as shown.
Pull the right side of the fabric through the opening and using a sharp point poke it in the corners to make a nice sharp point.  
Press well, turning under a hem where the opening is.
Sew all the way around the fabric making a nice finished edge.
Press well.

Step 3: Folding the Purse

Instructions for folding the purse:

Fold the square in half at an angel creating a triangle.  
Press in the crease.
Lay the triangle with the long fold at the bottom.
Working with the top single layer only,  fold the triangle's top point down 4 1/2 inches and iron.
Turn  the triangle over.
Fold the remaining top point down 4 1/2 inches and iron.
The triangle should now have a flat top.

Step 4: Pin the Sewing Line

Instructions for pinning the sewing line:

Pin in one end of the flat top, straight down to the bottom fold of the triangle on both sides and press well.
This makes a straight line to follow when sewing the sides.  

Step 5: Sew the Sides

Instructions for sewing the sides:

Top stitch from one end of the flat top, straight down to the bottom fold of the triangle, back stitching the ends to secure.
Repeat on the other end of the flat top.
The body of the purse will be 8 inches tall by 9 1/4 inches wide, with triangles on each side edge.

Step 6: Folding the Sides Out

How to fold the triangles out:

Open one side triangle and turn it right side out, pulling it backward over the bottom and side edge of the purse body.
Repeat with the other side triangle.
The bottom edges of each triangle will overlap each other, creating an  envelope shaped pocket on both the front and back of the purse.
Iron the pockets flat.

Step 7: Casings

Instructions for the casings:

Lay the purse flat on the table.
Measure a 1/2 inch down from the fold of the triangle top.
Pin the triangle to the purse side  at 1/2-inches.
Turn  the purse over and repeat on the other  triangle top.
Top stitch along the pinned marks of both casings, back stitching the ends to secure.

Step 8: Ribbon

Ribbon instructions:  

Please note: I made my own ribbon by cutting a piece of matching fabric 1 1/2 to 2 inch wide strips 1 yard long. 
I folded them in half and ironed in the center.
I folded one side to the center line and repeated the other side just touching the center.
Then I sewed the edge.

Or you can:

Cut two lengths of 1/2-inch ribbon, 36 inches long, to create the purse handles. 

Step 9: Threading the Ribbon Through the Casing

Threading the ribbon through the casing:

Attach a safety pin to one end of one ribbon length.
Using the safety pin as a guide, thread the ribbon through one casing on the purse.
Remove the safety pin.
Overlap the ends of the ribbon a 1/2 inch and stitch together.
Pull the ribbon ends through  the casing to hide the stitching.
Repeat with the other ribbon and the other casing on the purse.
I tacked the very bottom of the purse to secure the triangle.  

I added a button to give it a more finished look.  I think it still needs something and will be making the next one differently and will post it when I do.  

Step 10: Sunshiine's Final Thoughts

I have been very pleased with the outcome of this origami purse.  I will be making more of these using different techniques to make it unique and functional.  I often make something from a pattern and will make 2 or 3 more if I am happy with it.  I find the more I make the more ideas come to mind in making it unique and fashionable.  Please stay tuned for a newer version very soon.  

Thank you for stopping in and have a splendorous day!  


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