Origami Flower Garland




Introduction: Origami Flower Garland

Create an amazing flower garland to hang around your house!

Step 1: Supplies to Pop the Eyes!

What you need:

1) Scissors

2) 3 coloured strips of paper for each colour you choose (as many as you would like)

3) Floral wire (as long as you like)

Step 2: Making Some Petals!

1) Taking the first colour of your strips of paper begin to fold. (Pic 1)

2) Fold the strip of paper in half. (Pic 2)

3) Taking the corners of the paper fold them to the bottom and repeat on the other side. (Pic 3 & Pic 4)

4) Take the top of the paper and fold down to the bottom and repeat for the other side. (Pic 5 & Pic 6)

5) Do to the rest of the paper strips of that colour and the rest of the strips of colour you have! (Pic 7)

Step 3: Putting the Flower on the Garland!

1) Pinch the 3 petals you just made together. (Pic 1)

2) Using the floral wire wrap it around the middle of the petal. (Pic 2)

3) Reapeat for all of the petals on the floral wire but do not cut until they are all on there! (Pic 3)

Step 4: Cutting and Shaping

1) At the end of the floral wire cut it to where there is enough to hand the flowers up. (Pic 1)

2) Spread out the flowers so they make a star (Pic 2)

Step 5: Finally!!

1) Taking your fingers push on the buttom of the flower petal to make it pop up and do this to all of the 6 petals (Pic 1)

2) Finish by spreading out the rest of petals (Pic 2)

3) At last use the little bit of wire to hang up on a thumb tack or any other hanging device (Pic 3)

Hope you had a fun time making this cool wall decortator and I hope the steps were simple! Have fun!

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    5 years ago

    I made it, but I didn't put it on the garland. I just made one, used a paper clip instead of floral wire, and put it on mum's Mother's day card! It turned out really cool ;)


    7 years ago

    Cool idea, what size are the paper strips you used?

    The steps are great! And I think this is the perfect time of year to add flowers indoors since alas all of the ones outside are gone. How about making enough garland to decorate a Christmas tree - or a sad, dismal days of autumn tree?