Introduction: Origami Gift Box

Lets make origami box as it improve Geometry

According to the National Center for Education Statistics in 2003, geometry was one area of weakness among students. Origami has been found to strengthen an understanding of geometric concepts, formulas, and labels, making them come alive. By labeling an origami structure with length, width, and height, students will learn key terms and ways to describe a shape. You can use origami to determine the area by applying a formula to a real-world structure.

And also you can use it for many purposes as for gifting purpose.

Step 1: Material Required

:The things you required to make origami box are as followed

1)Paper (A4 size)





6)Foam sheet


8)Jar lid

Step 2:

1)Measure 5 cm from bottom part of the paper and mark it.

2)Fold the paper as shown in the above picture.

Step 3:

1)Make one more fold from the existing fold.

2)From the second fold measure and mark 4.5 cm and draw a straight line.

3)Cut the drawn line.

Step 4:

1)Measure and mark 4.7 cm from the right end of the paper.This length will be the width of the box.

2)Fold the paper from the marked point.

3)Further fold the paper taking the first fold as a guideline as shown in the picture.

4)Make all the creases sharp and neat.

Step 5:

1)Find the bottom 5 cm part and make cuts as shown in the picture above.

Step 6:

1)On the topmost part of the paper find the midpoint of each cube.

2)Keep a foam sheet beneath the paper.

3)Now taking a jar lid trace a curve, with the help of backside of the spoon,intersecting the midpoint and the edge of the cube.

4)Repeat step (3) for all the cubes and it will look like the picture above.

Step 7:

1)Repeat the step (6) again in opposite direction.It will look like the above picture.

2)Make the creases more sharp using your fingers.

Step 8:

1)Make holes,using a rounder, around the intersection of the curves as shown in the above picture.

2)Now put the thread through the holes.

Step 9:

1)Apply the glue to the end with smaller width and join it to the other end.

Step 10:

1)Now reverse the box and take a part of the cut bottom end and join it with its opposite end.

2)Repeat the same process for other two ends.

3)Again reverse the box and tighten the thread.

Step 11:

Now your origami box it ready which you can use for many purposes such as for gifting someone.

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