Introduction: Origami: Heart

Step 1: Get an A4 Paper

Step 2: Fold It Diagonally Across to the Other Side & Make Sure It's Even

Step 3: Unfold & Repeat on the Other Side

Step 4: Unfold & Fold Bith Sides Together & Push It Down Along With the Creases

Step 5: Fold the Bottom Flaps Twice

Step 6: Fold the Top 2 Parts to the Top Point

Step 7: Turn It Around & Fold the Top Down

Step 8: Fold 2 Side Tabs in the Middle Evenly

Step 9: Fold Both of Those Tabs Into the Pockets

Step 10: You Should End Up With This

Step 11: Then Fold the Top 2 Tabs in the Same Pocket As Step 9

Step 12: The Finished Project:) Enjoy ☮