Origami Heart Card + Holder

Introduction: Origami Heart Card + Holder

I was really bored so I made this! please enjoy!


piece of square paper



pen / pencil

Step 1: Fold in Half Both Ways

Step 2: Fold Bottom to Middle Crease. Turn Over

Step 3: Fold Bottom Corner to Middle

Step 4: Fold Other Corner Over

Step 5: Turn Over

Step 6: Fold Both Edges to Middle

Step 7: Fold Top Corners in

Step 8: Fold Down. Squash Fold.

Step 9: Fold Both Corners In

Step 10: Fold Top Corners Down

Step 11: Open. Get a Piece of Paper and Cut Out Same Shape and Size.

Step 12: Write Message and Tape / Glue It On

Step 13: Get Another Piece of Paper. Fold in Half, Unfold Fold Top and Bottom to Middle. Fold in Half. Unfold Fold Both Sides to Middle

Step 14: Almost Done!

put heart into pocket

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