Introduction: Papercraft Hunting Knife

Hi there!

Today I'm back with an instructable on making a paper hunting knife.

What you'll need is :

  1. A4 papers(8-9)
  2. Glue
  3. Tape
  4. Scissors
  5. Papercutter\Craft Knife
  6. Patience and will

Step 1: Blade (part 1)

Take an a4 paper

roll it along its breadth with an approx diameter of 1-1.5 cm

apply tape so it doesn't unfurl.

flatten it all over

seal all its ends with tape

Step 2: Blade (part 2)

Draw the design as shown on the blade.

measure your fingers' length from the other end and mark it.(it'll be the handle)

mark 0.5 cm length from both the edges of the lengths where you've made the mark.

draw a straight line to the other end(not the drawn tip) and cut it with scissors.

draw the design of a hunting knife on the edge of the blade.(on the edge with the longer line)

cut the design and the tapered edges carefully.

tape the blade ends.

Step 3: Sides.

Flatten the 0.5 sides like shown and form a triangle.

fold the strip on the side in half twice .

tape it in shape.

Do the same with the other side.

Step 4: Sticks

take an a4 paper.

roll it from he corner tightly to the end.

tape it so it doesn't open.

it might need some practice to be done perfectly.

make 3 of these sticks as shown.

Step 5: Core

put the three sticks together and tape it tightly.

make sure that they are horizontal.

draw the shape of the tip of the blade on on end of the sticks.

cut it off.

Step 6: The Handle

insert the core all the way carefully into the blade.

lift the flaps up and put some glue on the core.

stick the flaps on to the core.

this will be the core for the handle.

Step 7: The Handle Ring

cut the middle end of the stick that is protruding.

flatten the other two as shown.

make a stick from a 1/2 a4 paper.flatten it and stick on the two ends as shown.

make a ring and tape it in place.

Step 8: The Handle Cover.

measure the length of the handle and cut it off an a4 paper.

tape one end of the paper on the handle and roll it on the handle with medium tightness.

tape the other end in place.

Step 9: The End

I hope you had fun making this knife.

Now you can go all wild on your friends.

P.S. I'm open to suggestions for improving my future Instructables.

PSS Make the blade out of silver/grey paper and the covering of the handle with brown/black paper to make it look more realistic