Introduction: Origami Hyacinth

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Hyacinth is lovely flower but like many spring flowers its beauty doesn`t last long. We will make origami and we will try to recreate the beautiful flower.

Step 1: Research

You can google pictures of Hyacint on the web.

Now, when we know how the Hyacint looks like, we will try to make something similar from paper.

Step 2: Preparation, Supplies & Tools

What we need:

  • Paper - I use size A4, 80 g/m2, colour optional (blue, pink, purple, white).
  • Ruler
  • Drawing - we need many hexagons. I prefer to print templates and cut them after that.
  • Scissors / Knife with Cutting mat - you can use scissors, but I personally prefer the knife and I put few sheets of paper on the top of each other with the template on top. This way you can cut several sheets together and the cutting lines are only on the top layer.
  • Tweezers - for more accuracy and speed, the bigger are better.
  • Universal gel glue / Hot melt glue gun - to connect all parts together in the end.
  • Pot

Step 3: Making Flowers - Part 1

We start with a hexagon with a 6 cm diagonal. Each step is shown in the pictures. People say that one picture is 100 words worth, so I prepared a lot of photos to keep it short :)

Step 4: Making Flowers - Part 2

Step 5: Making Flowers - Part 3

We need between 20-25 pc of flowers.

Step 6: Making Stem & Leaves

We need 6 to 8 leaves around 10 cm high and 1 steam, which is around 16 cm high.

Step 7: Making Base.

For the base we need small pot and an old magazine or newspaper.

Step 8: Assemble

Carefully attach the flowers to the stem and the leaves to the base as shown in the video.

Step 9: End Result.

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