Introduction: Origami Key Chain

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I made this product as a surprise for the most important person of my life. Who is one and only my MOTHER. Since, a very long time I was living in the hostel and didn't get a chance to do something special for her. And now the time has came, tomorrow is her birthday, not golden but a platinum chance for me to express my love to her. In the hostel I didn't have sufficient material so I was just trying to make something with stationary items so first thing that struck my mind was that i\I should use paper that was the easiest available material one could get and other thing that came in my mind was that my mother is the biggest bird lover in my family.

So, I have tried to make this lovely key chain like a bird nest using 3D origami.....


To make this instructables you will need :
1) black paper
2) scale
3) pen
4) scissors
5) glue

For making birds
1) cotton
2) needle
3) white and pink/red thread
5) Googly eyes
6) piece of stockings

Step 1: The Smallest Unit

This is the building block and the most important part of 3d origami products. If learnt this, you can mould your imagination into any shape and size. For instance, i am making a keychain and want it to look like one, which in nature should be small in size. So, i have to make these building blocks the tiniest possible.

1.5cm*1cm were the dimensions, i have used....

To make it easier for you to understand, i have used a larger rectangular piece of paper with dimensions (10cm*7cm).....

1) Fold in half from the bottom to the top.

2)Fold again from left to right but don't press the fold very hard.

3)Fold the right side of the paper to the fold line in the middle then do the same to the left side. (This should now look like an upside down house.)

4)Turn over. Fold down outside corners.

5)Fold the top 2 flaps down. You'll end up with a triangle.

6)Fold in half and you are done.

7)Once you make many triangles stack them together to use when needed....

Step 2: For Making a Mini Version (First Unit)

1) Take black paper.
2) Mark 1cm and make a line.
3) Now cut the strip.
4) On this strip mark 1.5 cm and cut it.
5) you are ready with the rectangle of dimensions 1.5cm * 1cm.
6) Cut required number of rectangle and follow the same steps mentioned in step 1

Step 3: How to Join

Basically we have 2 parts of 3d origami pieces that are pockets ( image 1) and legs (image 2).

For joining you need to remember parts.
You can join these pieces very easily, you just need to put the leg in pocket according to requirements you can join them.
1) you can join in a single straight line.
2) you can join in a wall type sequence, that is one piece in the second row sits on two pieces in the row below it. To do this, you'll start every other new row with half a piece.

Step 4: Making the Base

1)For making a base you need to join it in the wall making like sequence that is 1 piece in the 2nd row should be on the 2 adjacent pieces in the 1st row.
2)Continue joining in the same sequence until you join 16 prices in the 1st and 2nd row.
3)Now join both the ends together to make it a complete circle and you are ready with the base.......

Step 5: Making Next Rows

Build on the base.
1) you need to build the 3rd row on the base but don't complete the circle. Leaving 3 pieces continue with the next step.
2) build the 4th and 5th row but remember do not compete the circle and make it.
(in 1st and 2nd rows you will have 16 pieces but in 3rd row you will have 12 pieces and 11 pieces in 4th row, 10 pieces in 5th row.)

Step 6: Making Pillars

1) For making pillars you need to simply join them in a straight line.
2) join 1 piece to the 2nd by putting both the legs in the same piece
3) keep joining till you join 13 pieces together.
4) for this instructable you need to make 4 pillars.

Step 7: Making Birds

1) for making a bird first take cotton and make a cylinder.
2) now make ears using cotton as shown in image.
3) tie it properly using white thread.
4) now wrap it using stockings.
5) using needle stitch at the opening at the back and cut the extra stockings.
6) put Googly eyes with the help of glue.
7) to make nose/beak take red thread in the needle and tie the end with big knot. Now pass the needle at the place you want to make beak, cut the extra thread.
You are ready with the bird.
Make 2 birds according to the requirements and put them in the nest.
Yippee you are ready with the cute birds nest and tiny out of tiniest.

Step 8: Joining Together

1) take all pillars and the base you have prepared.
2) join 1st 2 pillars on the edges of the base as shown in the image.
3) join rest of the 2 pillars in the required areas that is adjacent to the first 2 pillars to give the best sport you can.
4) Now join all the 4 edges of pillars together with the help of glue at the top.
5) let it dry and after that put chain and ring to make it a proper key chain.
6) for making it attractive you can put a strip of any color on the edges for example I have used orange strips.

Step 9: Birds in Nest

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