Introduction: Origami Kids French Fries

Cool Craft to make with your kids and their friends . Its Really easy and all you need is yellow paper and another sheet of paper in any color

Step 1: French Fry Box

First, Fold a square sheet in half on it diagonal. That should form a triangle. Take one of the corners from the triangle and fold it straight across. When the tip touches the other edge , stop, and crease well .Do the same thing to the other side and than flip it over. On the back there is a flap that comes to a point. Take that flap and fold it down flat. On the other side there is a similar flap. Do the same thing to that side. The end result should be a four sided figure with a big pocket in the middle

Step 2: Review

For more fun you can decorate with markers and other coloring supplies

Step 3: French Fries

Now for the French Fries. The Fries are really easy. Take your rectangular yellow paper and fold it in half. Continue to fold the paper into fourths, and than eighths .

Step 4: Finish the Fries

Now that your paper is in eighths , Make reverse folds on all of the creases you made, just like on a fan or accordion.

Step 5: Finish

Stuff you fries into your box and your done! Thanks for reading I hope you enjoyed my project

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