Introduction: Origami Lamp

I love origami cranes so I wanted to make a small lamp out of the fabrics I have at home.

Step 1: Fold the Cranes

Fold three cranes with stiff fabric and iron them while folding.

Step 2: Finish the Edges

If the fabric is fraying, use a lighter to burn the fraying edges lightly

Step 3: Make the Base

Cut a square out of the fabric and put cotton filling/ fabric scraps inside, then sew the top together

Step 4: Design the Circuit

I used an Attiny with touch switch for the lights, so I planned how to make the circuit

Step 5: Testing the Circuit

Tape everything down and see if the circuit work okay, then solder the components

Step 6: Sew the Circuit on the Base

Put the circuit on top of the base and sew them together from the center. I added more fabric strips for aesthetic purposes

Step 7: Place the Cranes

Put the cranes on top and adjust them to the ideal positions, then sew them to the base

Step 8: Done!

Turn the lights off and turn the crane lamp on!