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Introduction: Origami Letter Holder

Here I am going to show you how to fold a 2-compartment/pocket letter holder through some basic origami folds. This is an easy project so even kids can do it and organize their things better

Step 1: Things Needed

- Handmade paper 23” x 30” [any thick paper will do]
- Double Tape
- Ruler or Measuring Tape
- Marker

Step 2: Measurements

- Firstly, take a look at the letters/envelopes lying around in your house to get an idea of how deep the compartments/pockets should be.
- With some experimentation I found that pockets of size half the length of the letters/envelopes will hold them better
- I decided to have the top pocket for the bigger letters/envelopes and the below for the smaller ones
- Smaller letters/envelopes are of size 6” [approx.] and bigger ones are 8” [approx.]

Step 3: Mark and Fold the Paper

Basically, by doing fan-folds on the paper length-wise we should be able to get the basic form in shape. Fan-folds are nothing but alternate mountain & valley folds

- For the given sizes of letter/envelope, mark the points at the given distances along the length of the paper
- Make the mountain & valley folds at the marked points

Step 4: Lock the Model

At this point all 4 edges are open, let us close them

- Now turn the paper over and valley fold about 1" of top and bottom edges
- For the right edge, valley fold at an angle so that bottom part [2"] is more inside than the top part [1"]. Repeat the same on the left edge.
- Crease firmly. While doing this the side edges will tend to go out, which is OK. This will give some extra bit of room in the pocket
- You'll find the top corners falling outside the top edge line. Bring the corners inside by tucking them in

Letter holder is now ready and should look like an inverted trapezium.

Dimensions of the finished model are -
Top length: 21"
Bottom length: 19"
Height: 13"

[Note: folding the sides at an angle would give some interesting shape rather than keeping it just a rectangle]

Step 5: Stick It!

Put some double tape on the back side and stick it on the wall/door.
Origami letter holder is ready for use!

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    11 years ago on Step 5

    Hi..nice origami letter. I will try. nowadays i am teaching my 5 year old son origami. We made dinosour,box, cat etc..Thanks