Introduction: Origami Makey Makey

This tutorial will show you how to create an Origami Makey Makey.

Step 1: Origami Designs

To make your Origami Animals you just need paper, If you don't know how to make Origami then you can follow these instructions below.

Click Here for the Origami designs

Step 2: What You Need for the Makey Makey

In order to make this you will need a Makey Makey set, which you can buy online for around 50$. You need to make sure you have all your cords so you can have the most amount of Origami hooked up at one time. Their needs a be a cord connected to earth so it will conduct electricity through you, by touching it you are sending an electric pulse through the wire to complete the circuit. When you plug in the USB and hold earth, you can now touch the Origami to activate keys or play the program you have pulled up.

Step 3: How the Makey Makey Works

The Board is the base of electricity it holds all the wires and circuits together, this is where all the cords connect. The arrows are for each of the wires to attach to which control the arrow keys on the keyboard. The earth is the part that you attach to you so the circuit will be closed if the circuit isn't closed the circuit won't work because it will be open so just make sure you have the earth attached to you.

Step 4: Foil Conductor

Now you have all your supplies your paper, Makey Makey, wires, computer for USB port access , and now you need a conductor you put on your Origami. What you can use is aluminum you attach it to any part and put the alligator clips on and you're done. You now just need to upload a simple you can play the drums I recommended this because it is simple and drums are a fun instrument.