Introduction: Origami Mesoamerican Pyramid

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I've been doing a lot of metal folding and I need to get back to my roots in origami. This is a quick model of a Mesoamerican Pyramid. These pyramids are all over Mexico and Central America built by Aztecs, Toltecs, Mayans, Atlanteans, and other native people in order to create conspiracies and to create a power source for Art Bell's awesomeness.

I have attached the computer pattern as a SVG and PDF.

Step 1: Pleat the Paper

I like to pleat the paper out in both directions. This partly gives me time to steal your wallet but also gives a bunch of good reference points to use for the remaining folds. When folks ask I like to tell them that it makes a pleasing stonework pattern on the surface. They seem to buy the story, so go with it.

Pleat to make 16 panels. I'll use the pleat boxes as unit lengths.

While you are at it fold a crease diagonally through both corners. I usually have one already since I use a fold like this to form a good square.

Step 2: Extra Crease Through Corner

Fold the pleat in half as shown. I like to come around the corner, which gives me a sharp fold without marring the other surfaces. This half pleat is in the row one away from the center row.

Repeat this for each of the corners.

Step 3: Fold in Temple Corners

To form the temple on the top, fold in the crease near the top of the pleat from the previous step. Repeat this for each corner to create a 2x2 box 1 unit high.

The gods will be pleased.

Step 4: Fold Down the Platform

Fold down the crease on each side as shown. This will lock-in the creases for the temple.

Step 5: Pleat the Corners Down

Make a valley fold from the corner of the creases from the previous step to the bottom one unit over toward the corner. Repat this on each side of all four corners and use this to fold in the corners.

Step 6: Clean-Up the Base

Fold over the last crease to form a clean base. This will form a new crease in the pleated corners. Likewise fold in all four edges. This also locks the pleats down to make a good, tight model.

Step 7: Begin Saccrifices

I hope you liked this quick model.

Please comment and share your models!

Incidentally, the pyramid in the photo is of a pyramid in Castillo de Teayo, Mexico.
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