Origami Modular Star




Introduction: Origami Modular Star

Have fun making this great Modular Star. You could even put some LED lights inside to make it glow!

Have fun!

Step 1: Origami Modular Star

You will need 30 pieces of origami paper.

You can use whatever size you wish, just make sure it's a square

On this demo, I used 6"x6" paper.

On the large white one, I used 12"x12"

Step 2:

Start with you paper color side down. Pic. #1

Fold an + in the paper. Pic. #2

Step 3:

Fold 1 corner to the center. Pic. #1

Do the same to the opposite side corner. Pic. #2

Step 4:

Turn over - you will see the color side. Pic. #1

Fold the folded edge to the center line. Pic. #2 & 3

Be careful to not fold the flap. Just let that pop out. Pic. #4

Your end result is Pic. #5

You are doing GREAT!

Step 5:

Turn over. Pic. #1

Fold the 'wings' over to the center. Pic. #2

Do this on the other 'wing' also. Pic. #3

Step 6:

Take your time with these steps.

Pic. #1 shows an 'imaginary' line.

Fold your paper in a diagnal, pinch the top point and the bottom. So you make a nice straight line.


Turn over, fold the 'wings' like in previous steps. Pic. #5 & #6

Step 7:

Turn over. Unfold the 'wings' you just creased. Pic. #1

Turn back over and crease in half. Point to point.

Are you ready for the FUN part!

Step 8:

This is the part you will make 30 of these pieces. Have fun! :)

Now, lets put them together.

Step 9:

Pic. #1 shows you the pocket. This is where the next piece will go into.

Take your second piece and slide into the pocket on the purple piece.

The crease line will line up.

These can be hard to stay together, you can use paper clips, double stick tape etc.

As you add more pieces it will stay together better.

Step 10:

Add the 3rd piece the same way. Slide it into the 2nd pocket. Pic #2

Don't worry if they fall out, just take your time and do it again. :)

Now, lets close the triangle.

Take the tap of the first piece and put it into the pocket of the 3rd piece. Pic. #4

This can take some time.

Step 11:

Great Job!

Make another triangle. You will do the same technique you did for the first one. (Except the first piece is already there)

Then close that triangle.

Just keep going until you are finished. It will start looking like a ball and it will be a bit easier.

Step 12:

This is another one that I made.

Yours will resemble this!

Happy Folding!

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    5 years ago

    Why too much paper???


    Reply 2 months ago

    it's modular origami, expect it


    2 years ago

    Took forever.... But I did it! The process between Step 11 & 12 should be explained a bit more, I got a little lost. Other than that, it was okay. By the way, the star being made here is called a great stellated dodecahedron if anyone is looking for a video or other source.


    3 years ago

    I'm good at origami so this was a pretty cool project, thanks.


    6 years ago

    but it wasnt good


    6 years ago

    i wiped out pretty bad it looked like an air plane that couldnt fly so i just ditched it

    so it was cool and all


    7 years ago

    Thank you so much for the tutorial! I'm making one for my boyfriend I think he will love it


    7 years ago

    Good choice of paper to explain. Thanks, greeds from Germany