Introduction: Origami Paper Lamp Shade

DIY Lighting with Origami - I have used Origami techniques to create a DIY lighting using Paper. Watch the video to learn how. I have also added the SVG file which has the pattern that depicts all the mountain and valley folds.

Step 1: Gather the Required Materials

Step 2: Subdivision - 1

Start subdividing the paper into 8 sections along the vertical direction as shown in the image.

Step 3: Subdivision - 2

Further subdivide the paper, where 16 sections are been created.

Step 4: Subdivision - 3

Now fold the paper in horizontal direction and create 4 sections.

Step 5: Subdivision - 4

As shown in the drawing, start folding the paper. If folding becomes difficult it can be also creased using scale and cutter. This should be done very carefully because paper can easily get damaged.

Step 6: Subdivision - 5

Further subdivide the top and bottom rows.

Step 7: Subdivision - 6

Make the final folds on the paper as shown in the drawing. It can be creased also.

Step 8: Understanding the Fold Types

Folds/Creases are created, its ready to move towards the final folds. This is the very confusing part in the whole process. Pinching out the right edge at the first time requires a great understanding of the fold type. I have attached a SVG file, where this can be printed and creased, folded further.

This needs good practice, before trying it with the final paper try making with newspaper or scaled down version with A4 sheets.

Mountain Fold - The Edge which comes OUT. (towards you)

Valley Fold - The Edge which goes IN. (towards the paper)

Step 9: Using Origami Simulator

Origami simulator is great platform to understand the fold types and perform simulations in real time.This helps building innovative and unique folds and patterns. When I initially started with origami, it helped me a lot to understand the fold types and how it works. I am really grateful to this software so I wanted to share a few things about it.


Step 10: Final Fold - 1

Now start folding the paper keeping mountain and valley folds in mind. Start from the 2nd row and continue till 4th row. If it doesn't happen in once try again and again till you crack. Never give up, take it as a challenge, It took me 6 - 7 attempts to achieve this. I have attached an image to understand about the rows numbering.

Step 11: Fold Final - 2

Finally make the mountain and valley folds on the last two rows.

Step 12: Pasting the Ends Together

Now slowly open up the folds from both the ends. Neatly lay half of the tape on one end and paste it together with the other end. Masking tape provides the best results.

Step 13: Final Folds

Now make the folds again on the ends. Now paper shape is complete. Just check once how it works by collapsing and expanding it.

Step 14: Light Assembly

Paste the LED strip around the aluminium pipe and attach this to the cardboard base for stability. I have used 12V LED (warm white) so it must be connected with 12V adapter. If LED is not available, you can use any light which can be fitted inside the shade (Expanded Mode).

Now insert the pipe with LED inside the paper shade and connect it to the power.

Ambient Light is ready to use.

Step 15: PhotoShoot and Video

I have also shared my youtube Video with the entire process of making the Paper Lamp Shade.

I hope you understood and enjoyed making the Paper Lamp Shade. Share if you have any comments and feedbacks.

Thank you

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