Introduction: Origami Paper Lamp

To make the lamp, take a 180 grams paper sheet, a light string, wire, tape, a folder, a borer, a pencil and a ruler.

Here is the link to buy the garland:

Here is the link to buy a led controller:

This folding will take you less than an hour and will cost you no more than 5 €.

Step 1: Folding Planning

Take a 180 gramspaper sheet of 47.5 / 16.5 cm and graduate the leaf every 2.5 cm along the long side.

Step 2: First Fold

Mark the folds with a folder.

Step 3: Folding Diagonals

Fold diagonals by shifting 20cm from the point of departure (see picture). Continue to fold diagonals by shifting 5cm each time (see picture). Make diagonals in both directions.

Step 4: Folding the Accordion

Fold accordion as in the picture to form the lamp.

Step 5: Small Holes Small Holes Always Small Holes

Then perforate the ends.

Step 6: Make the Sphere

Tape the two pieces of the leaf.

Step 7: The Little Seam

Thread a thread through the holes to tighten the sphere.

Step 8: Electric Work

Then pass the light string before making the knot.

Step 9: Lamp Finish

make the fnot and put all the light string in the ball

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