Introduction: Origami Portal Gun/ashpd

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This is a design that underwent several changes, from mostly being claw to looking like a dalek appendage. It was designed to be wearable if made large enough. I will post that in the comments below.

Unfortunately, I am using some origami-ist lingo here that non-users may not understand. If you wish, you may look elsewhere for definitions of terms such as:

reverse fold

outside reverse fold

pleat fold

sink fold

crane base


1 perfectly square sheet of paper. If small, use notebook paper.

Step 1: The Base

Begin with a crane base.

Step 2: Minor Shaping

Sink fold two of the corners shown.

Step 3: Taking Shape

Fold the slim side upward, along with the two adjacent sides as shown.


Step 4: Starting the Claw

Told the remaining points in over the center mass as shown. Then, carefully fold the three prongs to make them thinner.

Step 5: Taking Shape Part Two

Flip the ASHPD as shown. Then, fold it along the middle away from you as shown. Reverse fold the outermost prongs along their edges, and outside reverse fold the middle prong over the point formed by the base.

Step 6: Top Claw

Outside reverse fold the middle prong so that it is angled up and slightly forward. Fold the other prongs in a similar fashion. Squash fold at the bases to make them thinner.

Step 7: Claw Done

Reverse fold the claw "fingers" down, then reverse fold the tips inward as shown. Angles are determined by preference.

Step 8: Finishing Touches

Open the flaps on the underside as shown,then do one "down" pleat fold as shown, then an "up" pleat fold as shown. Fold the remaining points in half, then fold it under the rest of the model.

Step 9: The Big One

I know, I said in the comments, but here it is, also on the graph paper.