Introduction: Origami Pump Homemade

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Hi everybody,

another thing I recently tried to build myself.

For another project, air needed to be blown through a box. I had no hand-pump.

I realised that there was no equivalent of a fireplace hand-bellows available around or how to make it quick and dirty -I did not checked very deeply maybe but this is not willingly, please make me aware If you have wrote something similarly prior to my work I will be pleased to add a few link from you or other authors, I however think that this design is uinique so far--.

So I tried to find a way to solve that problem.

Hereby is my solution.

First part of this project: an origami body piece that will act as a hand-bellow body.

Sothat this pump works with the proposed single outlet design you need another part that will be explained in a second instructable which will be published soon enough!

Just a mention on the contents of this instructable-->attribution non commercial sharealike.

You can re-use my texts and my pictures, modify or whatever, if you do so please cite the author, my work or even better put a link to this instructable. I would appreciate your cooperation :) In addition if you have any comment or improvement that you would like to share with me please do it. I would like to make a gallery of some of those made by others at the end of this instructable, If you craft one, send me a picture :)

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Step 1: Inventory

So You will need:

-two side Plastified paper sheets (the other must be paper side). I recycled the sheet of paper from a "wall stickers" product, it is one side plastified) -

You need to cut a A4 paper shape

-some hobby Glue for plastic - strong and flexible, avoid white glue, you will experience a lot of adhesive failure otherwise-


-A printer (BW) to print on the A4 paper the pattern given on the next slide (on the non plastified side)

-An empty ball pen (you will write on the printed paper following the given line, this will prefold the paper and will make it easier to fold)

-A a squeezable fruit pouch open top end part (will serve as both inlet and oulet)

-and Time to fold the paper according to the origami design.

Step 2: Making the Origami Pump: the Hand-bellow Part

Mention about the design:

The design can be implemented on any text editor or presentation editor and to be printed from that support.

My idea was to design an origami part as typically hand bellow looks like origami to me. my idea was to build it a column cyclindrical body that will be glued onto two faces. The outlet/inlet part will be set on one of this faces.

One of my concern was the stiffness/rigidity and elasticity of the bellow. I thought I needed a kind of spring that will regidify the bellow on the "z" axis - in other words: the inflation deflation axis-. and at the same time this can helps the bellow to reach its rest and stress free position.

So that is the reason you can see those two horizontal zigzags drawn on the pattern picture.

The rest are only connected rhombus.

The design has been thought to form an hexagonal shape. you will need to glue the grey rhombus onto the corresponding yellow one.

Building instructions:

1) Print the pattern on the plastified sheet of paper -Paper side!-. Then use the empty ball pen to re-draw the lines.

2) Then you will need to fold the origami.

the plastified side must be turned inside the bellow!

you will have two fold types: the one oriented inside (strainght lines) the other outside (dots lines).

When you achieved to fold it entirely, scratch the surface of the yellow rhombus with sand paper maybe sothat you removed off partly the plastified surface from the plastified paper. It will enhance adhesion.

3) Apply glue on the yellow rhombus and press the corresponding grey rhombus over them

(a yellow rhombus and a grey one on the same line! otherwise you will have a shift!)

4) let the system dry

5) apply glue on two plastifed piece of paper (plastified faces)

6) press the orgami body between those paper. and put under weight on flat support (place the system into a book sandwich :))

7) let it dry

8) free the system so that it can move freely but seems to be quite tight Be carefull it may stick, avoid to destroy everything!

9) punch a hole into one faces as depicted.

10) add the fruit pouch outlet and glue it there. Sothat it becomes tight as well.

11) let it dry.

There you are! you have done a origami pump hand bellow with a single outlet/inlet part!

This is already a stand alone system but I have an upgrade ;)

Please stay tunes for the next instructable part on this project