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Introduction: Origami Robot Head - March of the Robots

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In Leeds (UK) at the moment, Playful Leeds are having an event where they plan to make 10,000 robots in the city. To help out, I've designed this robot head origami for quick and easy 'roboticising' on the ending weekend.

Step 1: Fold Your Paper Into Quarters

For this design, you simply need a square piece of paper. The ideal size is 15cm square, but smaller or larger doesn't really matter. I've chosen a single sided sheet of paper, but again, it really doesn't matter, as you'll only see one side.

Fold your paper in half lengthways, and unfold, and then again in half widthways and unfold.

Step 2: Fold the Corners Into the Middle

Fold along the red lines shown so that each corner meets in the centre (NB this is called a blintz base in origami)

Step 3: Fold the Corners in the Middle Again, and Unfold

Repeat the steps from the previous instruction, but this time unfold them all again.

Step 4: Make His Ears

Concentrating on one side, fold the corner back into the centre

Then fold the corner back out again at a point about 1cm to the left of the other fold

Finally fold the very tip of the corner in

Repeat on the other side.

Step 5: Finish His Head and Neck

Now concentrating on one of the unfolded tips, fold the very end over.

Repeat the other side

Step 6: Turn Over and Finish

When you turn over your robot, he should look like this!

Now draw on any face you like, and have fun!

Step 7: BONUS - the Other Faces I Drew on When Writing This Tutorial

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