Introduction: Origami Rose

This is a really cool origami rose I learned to make, it only takes a few minutes and some paper to finish this wonderful masterpiece!

Supply's: Square Paper


                 Hope you enjoy!

Step 1: Fold the Paper in Half

Fold the paper in half

Step 2: Fold Again

Fold the paper in half again

Step 3: Open the Side Part and Flatten

open the side part

Step 4: Turn Over

Turn the paper over

Step 5: And Open the Side Part and Flatten on This Side

And open the side part and flatten on this side
           Now its a triangle

Step 6: Fold to Meet the Center Line

Fold to meet the center line

Step 7: Open That Part and Flatten

Open that part and flatten

Step 8: Fold the Little Squares Down

Fold the little squares down

Step 9: Turn Over

Turn over

Step 10: Fold As Much As Steps 6-8

Fold as much as steps 6-8

Step 11: Fold to Make a Crease and Fold Back

fold to make a crease and fold back

Step 12: Fold and Open

fold and open

Step 13: Flatten the Middle Line

Flatten the middle line

Step 14: Turn Over

turn over

Step 15: Fold the Flap Up So It Can Stand

fold the flap up so it can stand

Step 16: Open the Little Slits

open the little slits in the paper

Step 17: Insert Four Fingers

Insert four fingers

Step 18: Twist 3 or 4 Times

Twist 3 or 4 times

Step 19: Finished!

You are finally finished with the masterpiece!
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