Introduction: Origami Rose

Hi, first of all if you don’t understand some part please ask
Second well, when you see a photo of this rose it will look Complicated, but believe me is quite easy if you are used with make origami.
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Step 1: The Paper

For this origami you will need a square of paper, Any kind of paper works, but try to use a Origami paper because its Thinner and it “hold better the fold”, so the rose will look more natural, For this origami I will use a red square of origami paper.

Step 2: The CP

Well this is the Phu Tran rose, an origami that is often folded from the CP (crease pattern), because with it the rose will have less folds, so it will have a better look. Access this site and print the cp

Step 3: Copy the CP to the Paper

If you are going to use the computer paper, Skip this part.
Copy the Cp on the white side of the paper that you will use to do the rose, use a pen that have the same color of the paper, For example, don’t use a black pen on a white rose PLEASE. Cut the excess of paper

Step 4: Lets Start the Folding

Well let’s start folding, fold the Blue lines with a Valley fold (fold down), and the red lines with a Mountain fold (fold up).

Step 5: Now Your Rose Should Be Looking Like It

Now your rose should be looking like it

Step 6: "Let's 3D It"

Hold your rose like me, and pull the line to the center (like the photos).

Step 7: The Triangle

Now let’s fold the “triangles”
Do this step on the 4 triangles,

Step 8: Lets Do the Rose Shape

Just follow the images

Step 9: Lets Fold the Little Triangle

Just follow the images

Step 10: Lets Try to Close It

Follow the images
Do it on the 4 sides
You don’t need to completely close the rose, which is very difficult, because we are going to do a calix for the rose

Step 11: The Result


This one, used in my yellow rose (it was an improvisation, cus I don’t know any proper base for the Phu Tran rose, if you know please tell me)
To do the “yellow rose calix” you need a paper that is 1 quarter of rose paper square size

Step 13: Basic Fold

Fold in a half
And Follow the pictures to make a basic fold

Step 14: The Base

Step 15: Glue Base + Rose

Glue the rose and the Calix, You finished the base let’s do the leaves and the steam

Step 16: Stem

Step 17: Stem + Base


Now for the leaves you will need some paper of the same size used to do the steam, one paper = 2 leaves. Follow the pics (AGAIN )

Step 19: Rose + Base + Steam + Leaves = AWESOME

Well Congratulations now you have a beautiful rose
If you have completed the rose please post an image of the rose and the time that you spent to do the rose (I’m doing a survey about this rose), any doubt JUST ASK. Well this is the end of a 130+ images INSTRUCTABLES, thank you for reading it, bye.