Origami Rubiks Cube Stand




Introduction: Origami Rubiks Cube Stand

quick and easy custom Rubiks Cube stand

Step 1: Materials

-8 cm square paper
-Decorations (optional)

Step 2: Lets Get Started!

first make two diagonal folds from corner to corner. Then unfold. Your paper should now have an x all the way acroos your page

Step 3: Folding Step 2

ok, now start with the right edge and fold it to the center of your page. when you unfold the page should still have an x but now it also should have a line on the right side.

Step 4: Folding Step 3

Repeat the last step for the top,bottom, and left side. now the page should have an x and a square. Flip over the page

Step 5: Folding Step 4

fold the page in half down the middle. Only crease half way down. use the picture as reference

Step 6: Customizing

after you make the crease begin to push down on the crease. as you push down two sides should come together. Note: if you want to decorate now is the time. The purple area is what will end up being the sides. you can write your name or put whatever you'd like

Step 7: Review

here is a top and bottom view

Step 8: Form the Pyramid

Flip over the stand. you should now have a pyramid shape and at the bottom there should be a flap. fold the flap over to secure the shape

Step 9: Final Step

Flip the stand back over again . at the top it should come to a point. carefully push down on the point until you reach the creases

Step 10: Finish

finished! Just like that you have a cool custom Rubik's Cube stand.

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    3 years ago

    Thanks I was looking for a stand for certain sized rocks in our rock collection, and this is best I’ve seen. I modified a little: the inner square (before you collapse to triangle) is folded from thirds. The sides of the base are folded at eights and quarters, tucked under and corners hidden.


    4 years ago

    Thanks! It was very effective in organizing my cubes!