Introduction: Origami Secret Heart Message Box

Origami Secret Heart Message Box is for those who are in love and now you want to let that person know how you feel, or you want to ask that special person to be your date. Or you are preparing to take things to the next level. This Origami heart box is designed by Florence Temko and the box is pretty cool- once opened it unlock a secret message!!

Step 1: Begin With a 6-inch X 6 Inch (15 Cm X 15 Cm) Square Sheet of Origami Paper.

But if you don't have a square size of origami paper you can use regular 8.5x11 paper.

Take the left corner and fold it down to the right side and make sure all the corners touch each other exactly. · You will find a small rectangular section left at the bottom cut it straight with a scissor. Cease well and unfold.

Step 2: Fold the Square Paper in Half on Both Diagonal Axis. Cease Well and Unfold.

Make sure you fold it correctly, or you can use your nails to create sharp folds. And this will help you to make a great product.

Step 3: Fold the Paper in Half Vertically and Horizontally

Step 4: Fold All Corners to the Center, Then Unfold.

Step 5: Fold the Top and Bottom Corner to the Crease Line.

Like you're rolling up the corners, fold the top left and bottom right at the existing crease line.

Step 6: Again, Fold the Top Left and Bottom Over Existing Crease Line So Their Sides Meet at the Center.

Step 7: Make 2 Diagonal Folds As Shown Below and Repeat This on the Right Side.

Step 8: Fold the Right Tip Over to the Left Tip.

Step 9: Press Paper to the Ground. Then Fold the Top and Bottom Corners to the Center.

Step 10: Now Make a Vertical Fold, Fold Half of the Top Layer Over to the Right.

Like this steps, fold the left side.

Step 11: Diagonally Fold Back Both Bottom Corners to Make the Bottom of the Heart.

Now fold on the top inner corners of the heart of complete the heart shape.

Step 12: Color the Heart With Marker

Step 13: Go Ahead

And cut a small piece of paper then write a cute message and put it on the origami heart box. When the person opens the heart later, it will show the message you will write and tie a bow.