Introduction: Origami Slave I

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Here is an origami model of Boba Fett's ship, the Slave I.

Step 1: 1-7

Follow the pictures in order:

1. Start with a square base.

2. Fold into a bird base.

3. Mark fold.

4. Fold.

5. Sink fold.

6. Fold to the center on all four sides.

7. Sink fold all four corners.

Step 2: 8-15

8. Valley fold.

9. Sink fold.

10. Lift up the two middle sections as shown.

11. Reverse fold.

12. Reverse fold.

13. Reverse fold.

14. Open up the flap.

15. Fold the flap back.

Step 3: 16-23

16. Repeat on the other side.

17. Lift up the flap.

18. Fold up the flaps as shown.

19. Fold the flaps as shown.

20. Fold the flap back down.

21. Rotate the flaps as shown.

22. Lift up the middle section as shown.

23. Narrow the two side sections.

Step 4: 24-29

24. Open up the flap.

25. Fold in the edges.

26. Fold the tip.

27. Fold inside.

28. Fold to a right angle.

29. Repeat on the other side.

Step 5: 30

30. Perform the following reverse folds t shape the gun and fuselage.

Step 6: 31-Finish

31. Fold the back at the corners as shown.

32. Reverse fold the flap.

33. Perform the folds as shown to give the base a round shape

34. Round the corners.

35. Tuck in this flap to lock the model.

Your finished! Go collect some bounty on a target!

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