Introduction: Origami Snake Head

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this is another origami animal I am going to try to make twenty instructables so this is really cool and easy someone could do it in about two minutes tops. I did it in about one minute.

Step 1: The Square

now it's time to fold first start with a square if you already now how to make a square skip to the next step.Ok now you need to get a blank piece of papaer now grab the top left corner and bring it down to the bottem right corner then cut off the rest of the paper on the bottem

Step 2: Folding Time

now that you have a square make it look like a diamond and grab the bottem point and bring it up to the top point then unfold now that the square looks like a diamond and take the left point and bring it to the right point now unfold. now make it look like a square and take the both bottem points and bring them both to the two top then un fold now take the top left and bottem points to the other two points. now make it look like a diamond and take the left and right points and bring them to the bottem point then bring the top point down. then flatten now take the bottem point but only take one flap and bring to the top take left and right corners and bring the first layer to the middle. now take the top point and bring the first layer down to the center now turn over and do the same on the other side it should look like this. 

Step 3: Finally Done

now it should look like this.