Introduction: Origami Snowman

You can make this Snowman (or Snowwoman or Snowbeing) with common materials around your home or office.

If you can fold an origami balloon, then you can make this project!

Even though i came up with this, i would not be surprised if someone else has already created something like this in the past.

Step 1: Get Your Materials

You will need:



Double sided tape

Pencil/ pen or markers

3 white pieces of paper

1 piece of black paper

1 piece of orange paper

If you dont have black or orange paper, you could color the white paper. If you dont have double sided tape, you can make do without...

Step 2: 3 Squares

you will need to create 3 squares of paper.

a large, a medium, and a small.

Step 3: Make Balloons

Make those 3 squares into balloons. I did not include instructions to create a balloon (or water bomb) because many people have done it before me, and their instructions are probably better than mine would be.

Step 4: Stack Em

Using double sided tape between the balloons stack them as shown. Be sure to keep the same orientation for all balloons, with the holes facing the same way and the flaps facing up. Press them together securely.

Step 5: Cut Some Shapes

cut some shapes for the hat and nose. you need a black rectangle, a black circle and an orange triangle.

i guess you could make an even smaller balloon with the black paper to use for the hat!

Step 6: Assemble the Hat and Nose

curl the rectangle into a cylinder and tape.

tape the cylinder to the circle.

curl the orange triangle into a cone and tape.

you may find a different shape, such as a rectangle or semicircle, may be easier to curl into a cone.

Step 7: Arms

cut some arm shapes from the black paper.

Or you could use brown paper, or pipe cleaner for arms instead...

Step 8: Attach the Parts

tape the hat to the top, draw some eyes, buttons and mouth. tape the nose to the tip of the top balloon.

slide the arms between the upper two balloons and tape.

you could even make really little balloons for the eyes and buttons...

experiment and create your very own style snow being. maybe a frosty or an olaf or a calvin and hobbes inspired one...

Step 9: Inflate

This part is fun, make your snowman come to life!

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