Introduction: Origami Stars

Hey guys and gals, girls and boys, ladies and gentlemen! Welcome to my fourth instructable. Today I will teach you how to make an organic stars. I apologize, but my camera is terrible and the pics aren't wonderful. Enjoy, folks!

Step 1: First Step

First, of coarse get a piece of printer paper. (Here I had to use notebook paper but don't use it ) fold it length wise into a narrow strip half a centimeter or so in width. Cut it, and save the paper you didn't cut for future stars.

Step 2: Step 2

Towards the end of the strip, tie a knot it should look like a small pentagon, and fold the short end into a flap on the small pentagon.

Step 3: Step 3, Yall!

For me, this i really tricky. Take the long end, and repetitively fold it around the pentagon, the paper will naturally fold where it wants to(which should be along the side) so if you're doing it right, you won't have to do to much bending..,

Now, fold the extra small piece into a paper flap, make sure it is firm, you make have to rip the end to make it fit in. It should look like a pentagon.

Step 4: Four

Gently pinch each edge ( doing so will make the pentagon bubble out a bit) and flatten out in between each pint gently with your finger.. Also adjust the pints to make it now into the shape you need.

Step 5: Yay!

Yay! It's a cute small leetle star!! Cute! Now brag to your friends. Sorry that the instructions were a bit slurred and weren't so clear, couldn't think of an easier way to do so. Also, you may want to YouTube a video for further instruction and it looks really cute if u put many stars in an origami box. Have fun! If your star turned out like, and consider subscribing. !!! :)