Origami Swan and Quilled Flower Pots




Introduction: Origami Swan and Quilled Flower Pots

Origami Swan.

Quillied Flower pots.

Step 1:

Origami Swan:Made of 181 modular units.

Materials Required:

A4 size sheets-6.

Red marker.

Fold the A4 size sheet into 16.

cut off the 16 pieces.

Step 2:

cut each of the 16 pieces into two.

Step 3:

Take the divided piece fold it into two.

Step 4:

Step 5:

Step 6:

Step 7:

Step 8:

Step 9:

Now this is called one modular unit.

181 units are needed to make a Origami swan.

One Unit will have two pockets.

Step 10:

Take three units and unite them as shown in the picture.

Step 11:

Prepare 13 pairs to make a base of Origami swan.

Step 12:

Now connect all the 13 pairs to create a base as shown in the above picture.

Step 13:

To prepare Right wing of swan:

1.Take 5 units,combine another four over them alternatively and fix one unit at the rightmost unit with only one pocket inserted.

2.Likewise,make seven steps.

3.Above that fix four units alternatively and three above them and two and one.

Prepare left wing with same procedure only with the difference that one unit should be inserted to the leftmost unit with only one pocket inserted.

Step 14:

Fix the right wing over the base of the swan.W

While preparing left wing make it from the base itself.

Step 15:

To make tail of the swan.

Place the tail part over the three points between the two wings.

Step 16:

To make the neck:

Take 19 units and one unit colored with red.

Place the neck opposite to the tail.

Step 17:

Materials required:

color strips.



To make Pots:

Quill the strip(5-6 strips) of any color and make the pot shop using the mold or finger.

Make the bottom little flat so that it can balance.

To make flowers:

Quill the strip of any color

Take another strip and cut it as shown in the pic.

Step 18:

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    Both projects are so pretty, and the swan looks so detailed! Very nice job, and welcome to instructables!