Origami Tulip (Easy)




Introduction: Origami Tulip (Easy)

Really easy.

For kids or for anyone I guess :)

Step 1: Get Paper (any Colour You Like)

Take a square paper preferably. A4 size? even better. You can use the left over strip of paper to make the stem.

Step 2: Fold Diagonally to Make an Equilateral Triangle

Step 3: Fold the Bottom and Cut Off.

Step 4: Fold Twice As Explained.

Fold the square paper in two equal halves and fold again to make paper napkin - like fold.

Step 5: Make Pocket and Press It Down to Make a Triangle

Take one half and make a tent-like pocket and press it downwards. Run your thumb along the edges to make a clean triangle.

Step 6: Do the Same on Other Side (It Should Look Like a 4-pointed Star.)

Do the same on other side. (It should look like a 4-pointed star.)

Step 7: Lift Up the Edge So That It Touches the Tip and Fold Diagonally. (On All 4 Tips)

Step 8: Should Look Like a Square When You're Done.

Top videw shown in second picture.

Step 9: Fold Again Along the Open Side of the Folded Tips (should Look Like a Star From Top.)

Step 10: Now Fold It the Other Way. Should Look Like a Plain Square.

Step 11: Some More Folding :) (Please Read the Explaination)

Now I don't know how to explain this. (even though it's very obvious from the pic) Fold diagonally keeping the edge slightly covering middle line. That way by folding both sides, you an lock them together as shown in the 2nd picture. Repeat same on other side as shown in the 3rd picture.

Step 12: Should Look Like That. (Top View in 2nd Photo)

Step 13: Should Be an Opening at the Bottom, Right in the Centre. Carefully Blow It Up.

Take care not to apply too much pressure or you will lose it's shape.

Step 14: Alomost Done. Curl All the 4 Petals Halfway (as Shown in 2nd Photo)

Step 15: Take the Strip of Paper From Before and Roll It Tightly From Any Edge to Make a Thin Stem.

Insert stem in that opening .

Step 16: Done! :D

Of course you can use coloured paper or use a plain white paper and paint it yourself when it's done. 

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