Introduction: Origami Wall Decor

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This week, we're laser cutting paper origami wall décor. We're using our Speedy 400 laser cutter to engrave and cut various origami-inspired paper wall decorations.

We use our Trotec LaserPaper products including our white synthetic paper and our coloured laserable paper to create the origami shapes.

We use our Mutoh ValueJet 426UF UV printer to print a colour gradient on our white synthetic paper to give the inner background colour. Finally, we fold all the paper cut patterns out.

A great application for those in interior design, promotional companies and event planners.

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Step 1: UV Printing the Back

We first UV print our Trotec LaserPaper Synthetic White - 50 lbs text. We use our Mutoh 426UF UV printer to print, we use the CMYK Variable Dot setting and Colour-on-white method.

We use a simple rainbow colour gradient for the print artwork.

You can find the paper here:

Step 2: Cutting and Engraving

We then take another sheet of our Trotec LaserPaper Synthetic White (50 lbs text) or our LaserPaper Colours in the case of the "Tree of Life" decor, and place it in our Trotec Speedy 400 80w laser cutting machine.

Some files like the "Wave" has kiss-cut patterns that we use as fold lines.

For our "Tree of Life" file, since it's on LaserPaper Colours and not our Synthetic, we engrave it with a design as well.

Engrave: 50 power, 100 speed
Full-cut settings: 30 power, 2 speed
Kiss-cut settings: 10 power, 5 speed

Step 3: Cutting the Foam Backing

We then laser cut our foam board backing. Please not that laser cutting regular foam board is dangerous as it have PVC, which is why we use our laser-friendly foam board called Smart-X.

If you'd like to purchase Smart-X please click here:

Step 4: Folding the Cut Lines

We then fold all the cut lines on our laser-cut synthetic paper.

Step 5: Assembly

We put our double-sided engraver's tape on the back of both our foam-board backing as well as the laser cut synthetic paper. We glue the laser cut synthetic paper on top of the UV printed synthetic paper, which together we glue onto the foam board backing.

And you're done!

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