Introduction: Origami Fortune Teller! :)

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a fun thing to teach your kids how to do so they can play with their friends and tell them their fortunes :D

Step 1: Materials

you will need -square paper. (any kind) -flat surface. (until you get good enough without one) -5-10 mins at most (:

Step 2: Folding :)

first what you will do is lay the main color of paper face down on flat surface. next fold the paper diagonal one way then unfold and fold other side diagonal they other way! :)

Step 3: Folding :)

after making your diagonals put the color part face down again. after you've done this take a corner and bring it up to the middle to make a triangle. repeat with the other 3 sides until you have 4 triangles!

Step 4: Folding :)

after making the 4 triangles we are going to turn the paper over making the triangles on bottom. after we do this we are going to take the corners of this square and fold them back to the center like we did in the last step. :)

Step 5: Folding :)

we're almost done! after you have those folds turn your square over and then fold in half like a hot dog! (make sure you don't fold over the flaps sticking up they are very important!) unfold what you just did then turn the square and make the same kind of fold again (same rule don't fold flap) :)

Step 6: Making It Stand :)

this might get a little tricky so if you need to look at the pictures! take one of the flaps and pull open (dont rip) start doing this for all four and make the middle pop up! :) it will become you bottom soon :) and there you go this is how to make a fortune teller go to my profile for instructions on how to play with! :)

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