Introduction: Origami of Pentagon for Dodecahedron

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This project is the initial step in making a Dodecahedron platonic solid. This 3D geometry model has 12 pentagon faces.

The Origami of Pentagon has several step and easy to follow either by watching the full video or by instructional images.


  • Graphing paper but you can use any paper you like.
  • glue
  • ruler (optional)

Step 1: Start With a Square Piece of Paper.

You may also want to learn how to make a square from a rectangular piece of paper. That is the first part of the video that can be found on introduction.

Step 2: Divide Into 3 Equal Parts.

Step 3: Draw Diagonal Lines of the Top and Bottom Part of the Square and Make a Crease.

Step 4: Draw Another Lines and Make a Crease for Both Left and Right Side of the Paper.

Fold it.

Step 5: Check Paper If It Looks Like This Image.

Step 6: Fold Along the Longer Diagonal As Seen Above. Make Adjustments If Necessary.

Step 7: Fold the Lower Corners of the Triangle. Each Corner Should Lie on the Edge of the Triangle.

Refer to the picture above.

Step 8: The Pentagon!