Introduction: Origami Roses

This year, we (students in industrial in their final year) organized a masquerade ball. I was in charged of room design. So we prepared like ... around 80 roses to cover the tables. This instructable is about how to make those flower. I hope you enjoy it!

What you need :

- Piece of square paper (8 x 8 is a great size)

What may help you :

- Pen
- Paper clip

Submitted by DIN 2012, Université de Montréal, industrial design program, for the Instructables Sponsorship Program

Step 1: Basic Folds

This part will show you the basics folds you have to do before starting the reel business. Theses are basic folds you can found in approximately any origami project.

1- Fold one corner to the opposite one, creating a diagonal fold
       1.1 Unfold and do the same fold with the two other corner (in the opposite direction)

2- Unfold the paper

3- Fold in half in a vertical way, so the two downside corner touch the upside ones.
       3.1 Refold exactly the same way you just did
       3.2 Unfold the part you just create
       3.3 Take the bottom of the sheet, fold it to the 1/3 of the section you just creat

4- Unfold it all and redo step 3 in the opposite direction

Step 2:

Now you have several folds create, you need to increase small ones in the middle of the sheet.

The fold must look like a big M, this principle is called Mountain, Valley, Mountain. 
What it means is basically that the first fold must go up, the seconde down and the third up again.

You don't have to create new folds, just to increase it. To do so u can pass on it with you nail or take a pen.
If your doing alot of these roses, take a pen it can be painful if your doing, let's say... more then 10 ?

You must do the Mountain, Valley, Mountain with the 2 folds in the centre

Step 3:

So now the real part begin, at first it seems really hard but with time, and practice, the hole project becomes easier.

You need to place the small folds in the right position (M V M )

Turn the sheet over

Then you pinch two of the diagonal folds you made in the first step, push it and you should have this.
    - it's basically just folding the sheet in 2, but you need to have the small part in the bottom for the next step.

Step 4:

This is why you need the little triangular part :)

1-So you fold it back to the sheet, so you have a clean line on the major fold

2- Unfold it

3- Fold it back so the point of the triangle touch the line you just create, (its almost the same thing if you fold it in half...)

4- unfold it all and do the same thing with the opposite side

Step 5:

So now you have something that should look like this

I use paper clip when i do this part because i find it's a really tricky one and i really just have two hands so hold for corner and punching it at the same time... you'll see what i mean.

Place the sheet flat on the table, one corner at the time flip the corner in a clockwise direction, so that the flip is parallel to the rest of the sheet. Do this with the 4 corners.

Turn the sheet over

Now you can see 4 squares clearly, what you need to do is go in the center, between the four corners and push this part slightly.

Turn your paper over and try to press on the ply that u see to form a diamond. 

*** This isn't the real technic for this part but, it's much more easier this way i think

Now push the diamond down, watch it so the corners point the centers of every side of the sheet,

Step 6:

Turn the sheet over (again... :) )

Now you can see 4 squares again, waht u need to do is put a finger in one of the flip, your finger should follow the line of the fold just after the one your playing with.

Now a part of the fold is up in the air, take this part and put it in the line just under your finger. Increase the fold at the center.

You have create a bulb outside, you need to force it down and crease the fold you just create.

Do this with the four folds you have

Step 7:

Now you need to put all your sheet down, you can see a square as form in the center of your sheet. 

You need to increase this square, usually i use a corder of a table to help me do this part.

Step 8:

If you do the last step well, your sheet should look more like a litlle phantom now :)

The next step is kind of ..random, so i wish you luck on this one :P

U need to round up the rest of the sheet around this square you just made. To help this you can increase the diagonal folds , the one who doesn't touch the corner.

Step 9:

Now you should have something that have a cylinder shape with 4 little pieces of paper coming out at one end and the "square" at the other end.

Take one of the four piece, you have 2 section on every piece, one in angle, the other should be flat on the top.
Take the angular one and fold it to the center, it should make a flat fold.

Do the same thing with the other section, and do the same thing with the other 3 pieces.
You'll see, some pieces fold together, it's perfectly normal, in fact that's what you want.

 You should make 5 folds in this step.

Your last fold should go under one of the flaps you just create.

The bottom of the rose is finish!! 

Step 10:

Last steps!!! :)

Now you have something that almost looks like a rose but doesn't look quite...alive

What you need to do is to take each corner of each petal and roll it ( I use a pen to help me make a sweet curve)

Do it with every corner. 

To make it more real, you can also play with the interior of the roses. You can push the sections towards the exterior.

And.... YOU'RE DONE :)