Introduction: Origami Spinning Top

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This is just a small project that can be made in a short time. While working on one of the projects I am working on a at the moment, I came across an origami spinner I made a while ago. I took a break from the bigger projects and decided to document this project. I think spinners are awesome, I mean, sometimes it even looks like they are just standing still, while they are actually spinning. These spinners aren't the best spinners in the world, but they ARE easy, cheap and possible at lots of location. You can make them while being at school, at your desk, anywhere you have access to six square papers will do! I hope you like this project and give them a shot :)

Step 1: Folding the Modules

Since this is the same module I used in my paper heart decorations, I didn't document how to fold the basic module, that can be found here.

After making a module as shown in step 2 of that instructable, you still need to make one extra fold. Fold the right side up as shown, so a diagonal crease is created.

Step 2: Assembling the Spinner I

Start by taking three of your modules. In the pictures is shown how you can join the different modules. I am going to explain it using the colours I used for my spinner. Join the yellow and the orange module by putting the left triangle on the orange module in the 'pocket' of the yellow module. Next take your red module and add one of the triangles to the orange pocket. Close this part by putting the yellow triangle in the red pocket. Repeat this with the other three modules.

Step 3: Assembling the Spinner II

Take one of the triangle parts made in last step and put it down as shown. Place the other part on top of it. To join them, (talking colours again here) put the orange triangle in the yellow pocket. After that, turn the complete thing around and put the yellow triangle in the orange pocket. Repeat this for the other two sides.

Step 4: Spin It!!

Now that your origami spinner is finished, let's spin it! I added a video to show you one spinning.