Origami to Keyshot Corrugated Boxes

Introduction: Origami to Keyshot Corrugated Boxes

Upon first importing origami models into Keyshot, the corrugated texture is properly repeating, but it's scale gets reset. let's fix that

Step 1:

  1. Double Click the edge texture
  2. Click Texture pane in the materials panel
  3. unlock the 'chain' that constrains proportions
  4. In the Width box, change it from 1 to 10

Step 2:

Here's the end result!

Step 3: Corrugated Cardboard Color

Next let's give it a proper cardboard color

  1. Scroll down in the textures panel to the bottom
  2. Check the 'Blend with Color' checkbox
  3. click the white color swatch box, and set the color to a milky brown.

Step 4:

The end result!

Step 5: Shiny!

Lastly let's give that packaging some photo-realism.

1. Double-click the box's material

Step 6:

2. Change the 'Type' from Advanced to Paint

3. Change Roughness from 0 to 0.025

Step 7: All Finished!

The end result!

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