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Here is my method for making papercraft Minecraft blocks without the glue. I have included the files for you to print your own blocks, to fold at home, school or work. I will upload more pages as I make them, including blocks with removable lids.

Step 1: Printing and Cutting.

Simple. Print off the blocks you want to make and cut out the square along the black line.

Step 2: First Folds

With the image face up, fold the square in half, side to side (orange line) and open back up. Repeat the fold top to bottom and open up.

Turn the paper over

Step 3: Second Folds

Using the creases from the first folds as a guide, fold the four corners into the center.

Rotate the paper 45 degrees.

Step 4: Third Folds

Using the blue lines as a guide, fold the square into thirds, first side to side. Open up these two folds and repeat top to bottom. Again open up to the previous state.

Rotate 45 degrees.

Step 5: Open Out and Form an End

Take left and right corners and open them out. Lift the side furthest from you, and push in where the original "orange" fold was on the left. It should form a neat flap that can lay against the left side you opened out. Repeat for the bottom edge. Now fold the left side over these two flaps, so that the corner sits in it's previous position.

Step 6: Finish Your Block

Now you form the final side. As before, form the two flaps by pushing in on the "orange" folds and then folding the right side over the flaps and tucking the corner into it's previous position.

Well done, you've made a thing!

Shout "I've made a thing!" so everyone knows how great you are.

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