Introduction: Original Crossbody Purse

In this Instructable I will show how to make a crossbody purse from an original design and pattern. This purse has an inside zipper pocket, an outside magnetic snap pocket, and an outside open side pocket.

Step 1: Inspiration and Materials

The inspiration for my purse came from an inexpensive one my 13-year-old daughter loved. She said it was the perfect size and the strap was the perfect length. It slowly fell apart on her and she wanted me to repair it but it was pretty much beyond repair. However, I told her I would check it out but planned to make her a new custom made one. So while she was spending time with her dad during spring break I got to work. I took measurements from the old bag and before I tossed it in the garbage took all the hardware off for another project.


1/2 yd. fabric for exterior ( I used quilting cotton)

1/2 yd. fabric for interior (I used quilting cotton)

1/4 yd. midweight fusible interfacing

7-inch zipper for pocket

9-inch zipper for main body


magnetic snap

2-"O" rings

Optional: charms, ribbons

Step 2: Cut Pieces

For the sake of simplicity, I designed the purse to be made with only one template. I just used a white piece of construction paper with the dimensions 12" x 5.5" and a protractor on the bottom left corner to make the curve of the bag. The fabric was cut on the fold using the template. To create the various sizes, draw a horizontal line 2 inches down from the top, then again 6 inches down from the top and fold the paper on those lines. Then draw a vertical line 1 inch in from the right (the midline) and fold, only pieces B and C will be created using the vertical line. The cut pieces measurements, unfolded are as follows:

A. Body measures 12" x 11"

B. Outside Pocket measures 10" x10"

C. Outside PocketFlap 6" x 10"

The following is the number of pieces you will need to cut for each type of fabric:

Exterior: A 2 pieces, B 1, C 1

Lining: A 2 pieces, B 2, C 1

Interfacing: A 2 pieces, B 1, C,1

In addition to the above: 2 pieces measuring 6" x 8" cut from the lining (inside pocket)

2 pieces measuring 6" x 3" cut from exterior fabric (ring loops)

1 piece measuring 42" x 3" cut from exterior fabric (strap)

Be sure to mark the placement of the darts and snap placement on the fabric corresponding pieces of fabric.

Step 3: Fuse Interfacing to Exterior Pieces, Apply Charm/decoration and Snaps

If desired a charm can be sewn to part C exterior, just remember to do so before attaching the lining. The charm I used was actually made for an interchangeable bracelet from Hobby Lobby but knew I needed it for this purse when I saw it. Absolutely perfect! I applied the magnetic snap to the lining of part C and part B exterior.

Step 4: Make Inside Pocket and Insert Zipper

To create the inside pocket, take one 6" x 8" piece and pin it to the lining of piece A, 2" down from the top [pic.1]. Mark a rectangle 3/8" and 5" for the zipper placement. Stitch the perimeter of the rectangle (through piece A and pocket lining), cut the center out and then pass the fabric through the hole to the other side [pic.2,3]. Center the zipper in the rectangle and pin in place. Stitch around the rectangle perimeter [pi.4,5,6]. Add the second piece cut from the lining to the wrong side, pin in place and stitch 3/8" from the edge without sewing through to the lining A [pic.7,8].

Step 5: Complete Outside Pocket

Stitch part C exterior and lining, right sides together leaving the top open for flipping. Once flipped topstitch 1/4" from the edge again leaving the top open. Attach interior B to the completed pocket flap along the top edge using a french seam to encase the raw edges.[pic.1,2] Stitch darts on the exterior and interior of B. I like to use an overcast stitch along the raw edges when a french seam isn't feasible just to keep things neat. Now with right sides together stitch exterior B and interior B (now with completed pocket flap) leaving the top open [pic.3,4]. Turn out [pic.6].

Step 6: Construct Body and Add Outside Zipper

Top stitch the completed outside pocket to the exterior A [pic.1]. Pin zipper in place along the top edge of exterior A and stitch into place [pic.2]. With right sides together pin interior A to exterior A with the zipper sandwiched in between the two [pic.3]. Stitch in place [pic.4,5]. Complete the same steps for the other set of A pieces.

Step 7: Construct Strap and Ring Hoops

Take the 42" x 3" exterior piece and fold lengthwise down the middle and press and unfold. Turn up 1/2" of the ends and press. Working again lengthwise fold each side up equally til they meet in the middle making sure the short end remains folded up, press, then fold down the center again and press. Topstitch 1/4" from the edge the perimeter of the entire strap. The same steps are taken to construct the hoop rings with the exception of turn the short end up, the raw edges can remain as they are. Place an "O" ring in the middle of each of these smaller straps and baste. Place one ring on each end of the longer strap, fold over 1/2" and topstitch in place [pic.6]. Fold about an inch of the ring hoops lengthwise and stitch in place [pic.6].

Step 8: Attach Strap and Finishing Up

Baste straps in place 1/2 " down parallel to the zipper [pic.1] With the straps sandwiched in between, [pic.2] and right sides of exterior A together, stitch the entire perimeter of the purse [pic.3]. Now with right sides of interior A together stitch the perimeter leaving about 4 inches open for turning [pic.4]. Turn the purse through the hole left in the lining. I like to use a chopstick to get all the nooks and crannies turned [pic.5]. Next ladder stitch the hole for turning [pic6].

Step 9: CELEBRATE !!!

Most important step is to sit back and admire your work and take plenty of pictures like I do to show your family, friends and absolutely random people whenever the word "purse, bag, made, sew" or anything related to it pops up in conversation. I made the tag on the inside to give it my own personal touch. I used burlap ribbon, fabric ink and a stamper. Oh and by the way, my daughter LOVED it and carries it daily.

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