Introduction: Ornamental Paper Flower

This beautiful ornamental paper flower can be made with different colored craft papers and used on parties as decoration

Please go through the steps involved in making this Paper flower

Step 1:

  • Take 8 pieces of A 4 sized craft paper. This will be in two colors of 4 papers each
  • Fold then to square and trim excess
  • Draw a round inside the square to a maximum diameter with a drawing compass
  • Fold the paper again in quarters so that the drawn circle line is visible outside
  • Cut along the line and remove top portion

Step 2: Apply Glue

  • Open the cut papers to half circle and apply glue lightly at the center of each quartered segment
  • Fold and stick the glued portion
  • If you open the glued paper then it should form the shape as seen in the last two pictures

We need to make 4 of these shapes in red color and 4 in yellow color, total 8 pieces

Step 3: Stick Them Together

  • Take one yellow and one red colored folded pieces
  • Apply glue lightly on the side of one paper in the center and join with other
  • Continue joining pieces with one another till all 8 pieces are attached together

Step 4: Stick the End

  • After finishing this, two ends of red and yellow colored sides remain open
  • Lightly apply glue at center and press with fingers
  • Adjust the flower shape all around before the glue dries

Our beautiful Ornamental Paper Flower is ready. Make many of them and use as decorations during parties or special occasions and festivals

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