Ornament Cake Balls, With DIY Edible Glitters!!!




Introduction: Ornament Cake Balls, With DIY Edible Glitters!!!

About: I took Bachelor of Science in Travel Management :) loves to cook, bake and make handmade crafts . I really love to do what is on my mind :D I'm very creative on my own way :D

I made this cute colorful ornament cake balls though i know 4 more months before Christmas :)) this is just my first time to make a cake pops so i give it a try to decorate it, since it's a round shape i planned and think what should i decorate with a round shape so here it is a Christmas ornament balls is perfectly fitted in that shape :D i just want to share this work of mine and give an idea how to make this one :D They look so cute and i know that kids will love this for treats. That's it Let's get started :D

Thank you and God bless!

Step 1: What We Need??


  • food colors
  • white chocolate
  • cake mix
  • sprinkles
  • sugar
  • milk powder


  • sticks
  • small bowls
  • cupcake wrappers

cake mix is optional you may also bake your very own cake recipe, for the white chocolate you may also use candy melt which has a different colors, i used food color because I've never seen a candy melt here in my country so food color is my options but we still need food color for making edible glitters :)

Step 2: Preparing the Cake Balls

  • Bake the cake mix and let it cool
  • once it was cool use your hand to crush it.
  • add a little white chocolate to thicken
  • if its already has a soft texture scoop a medium size and make round like a circle

Step 3: How to Make Edible Glitters.

  • add 1 tbsp of sugar in the saucer and add the food color at least 5 drops first then mix until the food color spread ( add more drops of food color if there's still a sugar not painted)

I made 4 colors :)

Step 4: Melt!!!

  • melt the white chocolate and divide it into 3
  • add food color into the white chocolate then mix


  • get the stick and dip the tip into the white chocolate mix at least half of inch and stick the cake balls then dip it again to fully coated the cake balls :) after coating put it in the plate then fridge for at least 1 hr :)

Step 6: Top of the Cake Balls!!

while waiting let's make the top of the balls :)

  • add 1 1/2 tbsp of powder milk in the small bowl
  • add 1/2 tbsp of white chocolate
  • add 1 tsp of water then mix
  • I also add yellow food color and place it in the fridge for at least 30 mins. ( when it's done it's like a clay and has a soft texture and can easily form a shape) so tadaaaaaa i form it like a lock :D

Step 7: Add Some Glitter and Details

get the cake balls in the fridge!!

  • get the cake balls in the plate and place it in the small bowl where the glittered sugar was and shake it side by side until the cake ball was fully coated with the glitter
  • decorate it with the sprinkles and used a stick to add some detail for decorating,
  • when you already done decorating get the top of the cake balls dip it in the the white chocolate mixture to stick it in the cake balls and put it in the cupcake wrapper :D

so that's it :D I hope you guys like it and thanks for checking me up here :D Thank you and God bless!!

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    Penolopy Bulnick
    Penolopy Bulnick

    6 years ago

    These came out very cute and colorful :)