Orologio Da Tavolo a Forma Di Bomba

Introduction: Orologio Da Tavolo a Forma Di Bomba

Originale orologio da tavolo a forma di bomba che non passa inosservata.

Costruito con due tubi di cartone delle patatine ricoperte con carta da imballaggio incollata.

Entrambe i tubi sono uniti tramite nastro isolante da elettricista nero e fascette che ne aggiungono particolarità ed originalità.

L'orologio funziona con delle batterie a litio messe all'interno dei tubi e che si ricaricano tramite USB.

Può essere ricaricabile con cavo di alimentazione USB integrato.

Un led verde avvisa della carica completa delle batterie.

L'orologio ha la possibilità di impostare la sveglia e si può regolare l'orario con dei pulsanti contenuti nel circuito elettronico.

I collegamenti dell'alimentazione sono effettuati dalle batterie all'orologio tramite fili attorcigliati a spirale che ne danno un tocco molto originale.

Il tutto coglie subito l'attenzione e non passa inosservato.

Ottimo progetto da regalare e molto originale

Step 1:

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    Ciao, buona Instructable. What did you use for the clock? Was it your creation or a commercial clock hacked? The only other comment is to insert two wires each into your explosive, this will give more realism to your detonator.

    Grande Lavoro!


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks for your comment.
    This project was done entirely on my idea and I used the cardboard tubes of chips pringols. inside the tube I put two lithium batteries by mobile phone 1500 mah each, for a total of 3000 mah.
    The batteries are connected to a charging circuit which uses a USB input for charging. Every now and then the batteries must be charged using the appropriate USB cable coming out the back.
    To give a more realistic touch I put the clamps black to join the two pipes and the word "explosive" or TNT on the pipes.
    The LEDs of the charging circuit of the battery turns from red to green charging is complete. the wires that feed the digital clock were made spiral.
    The clock circuit has buttons for adjusting the time and alarm clock.
    Hope you like


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    That's fantastic! Can you post the electronic schematics, I want to try this instructable.

    english translation

    Picture of Table clock shaped like a bomb

    Original table clock shaped like a bomb that does not go unnoticed .

    Built with two cardboard tubes of chips covered with wrapping paper glued .

    Both tubes are joined by black electrician's tape and cable ties that are added peculiarity and originality .

    The watch uses of lithium batteries placed inside the tubes and that are recharged via USB .

    May be rechargeable with USB power cable integrated .

    A green LED warns of a full charge of the batteries .

    The watch has the ability to set the alarm clock and you can adjust the time with the buttons contained in the electronic circuit .

    The power connections are made from the batteries to the clock via wires twisted spiral which give a very original touch .

    Everything catches your attention immediately and does not go unnoticed .

    Great project to give away and very original