Osmo and Discovery Education

Introduction: Osmo and Discovery Education

Combining two powerful products together can produce excellent results. Since its arrival, my students have loved the Osmo. The power of interaction between the virtual and physical world is just one of the great features of this product.... but what if I took another of my favorite educational resources and combined them together. My other great love is Discovery Education so I decided to create my own "mash-up" using the My Osmo feature and my Discovery Education account.... check out the results.

Step 1: Create an Account at My Osmo

After purchasing an Osmo, you can create customized word lists free by setting up an account on myOsmo.

Step 2: Navigate to Discovery Education and Download an Image

I have found that using an iPad makes this step very simple when creating a word list and images for the Osmo. You will need a Discovery Education account to find and download images to your camera roll.

Step 3: Create the Word to Match the Image

In your My Osmo page, you can create a new word deck and pull images from your camera roll. You can assign degrees of difficulty to the words that you are creating.

Step 4: Download Your Word Deck

The last step is to download the word deck to your device to use it with your Osmo. Check out the video for step by step directions.

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