Introduction: OtterBox Car Vent Holder - No Tools Needed!

Here in Nepal, it is was impossible to find a vent clip holder for my iphone 6+, so the mother of invention told me to do the following: make due with what I had in the house, and without tools - which I also do not have. So taking an old Ami-pur car fragrance holder and a once-useless OtterBox belt clip, I combined both to make an elegant holder so I could use my iPhone for in-car navigation, with the phone mounted in a place that makes sense.

Step 1: Repurpose the Ami-Pur Fragrance Holder

Simply take out the glass fragrance container, which in my case has been empty for years. If you don't have one of those lying around, you can purchase a new one for just a few bucks.

Step 2: Attach the Ami-pur Casing to the Belt Clip on the OtterBox Belt Clip

Now simply rotate the belt clip to the vertical position and clip the Ami-pur casing to the back of the OtterBox belt clip.

Step 3: Mount the New Gizmo to Your Car's Dash Vent - Done!

No tools were needed, but it would be easy enough to drill a hole through the OtterBox back plate and through the Ami-pur casing and bolt the two bits together. But in my case, since the bottom of the holder rests on my console, there was no need - and I've been driving for a week now without the configuration shifting or falling off. However, I think I will put a bit of felt on the back of the casing so not to scuff the radio it's resting on, as it will move a bit whenever I make a radical left or right turn.

Step 4: Navigate!