Otto Robot

Introduction: Otto Robot

Nano ATmega328

Nano Shield I/O

Mini USB cable


4 mini servo SG90

Small screws

5V Buzzer (if you have a battery pack with and on and off switch you dont need a switch)

Female - Female cable connectors

4 AA battery case

4 AA batteries

Small Magnetized screwdriver

3D print of the robot can be found at

Step 1: Connect Servers

Add servos to both feet and to the body. Make sure you screw them on with the small screws to keep them in place.

Step 2: Add the Legs

Attach the legs to the body also tightening it to the body. Make sure the legs are able to rotate 180 degrees.

Step 3: Wires

Stick the wires through the appropriate holes and pull them through the body.

Step 4: Snap in the Feet

Once you pull the wires through the holes make sure the feet click in and then screw the feet in place with two more screws.

Step 5: Add Your Software

First insert your ultrasonic sensor to create the eyes. Now, attach the ATmega 328 to the Nano shield I/O and place inside the head of the robot. Make sure the outlets align with the corresponding holes.

Step 6: Appropriate Wiring

Using the female to female wires connect the wires according the diagram.

Step 7: Cleaning Up the Wiring

I used zip ties to clean up the wiring so they could fit a little better inside the body.

Step 8: Add a Trigger

Attach the trigger and stick it through the corresponding hole.

Step 9: Add Battery and Close the Body

After all the wiring is done add the battery source and close it up.

Step 10: Finished Product

This is what my robot ended up but your can add your own designs and creativity.

Step 11: Upload Code

Last step is to plug up your robot to a computer and upload the code. I used this website

Make sure our libraries and downloaded and then hit upload and watch your robot dance!

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    Question 10 months ago on Introduction

    where did you get the parts for the robot. i know i have to print the outside of the robot but i wanted to just order the electrical.