Introduction: Our 2010 Haunted House With Ideas From Instructables

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Our family Haunted House started out around 15yrs ago with the kids wanting a party instead of going trick or treating so we decorated the yard and everyone had fun scaring the trick or treaters. The next year we put more effort into the decorations and the next year and the next, until now we're upto around 1600 square feet of covered haunt and much more in the yard. There are a lot of props and ideas adapted from the pages of instructables. If you see your idea used THANK YOU and please post a link to your page in the comments

Step 1: Getting Started

We actually begin planning next years Haunt while we're building the current years, or at least start swapping ideas but the real work begins early in september with the erection of the portable carports which we then cover in black plastic with wire fencing on the outside for protection and to keep the plastic from blowing. The inner walls are built tinkertoy fashion from 2' pvc pipe. A HUGE tip from instructables,  I remembered almost to late to use, was to cut approx 1"wide pieces of the pipe and remove about a 3rd of the resulting ring, the remaining 2/3's work a lot better than tape to hold the plastic "walls" to the pvc supports, next year we'll LOTS ready to use !

Step 2: The Building of a Few Props

With this years new layout we needed a different setup for the jailcell which meant building bar walls. We built a pvc pipe frame similar to the way we build the walls laid outthe bar spacing and cut holes to fit the pipes, some of which are from salvaged dog runs and the thinner ones from a curb rescued screen house/gazebo. We also needed to replace a broken banner pole, replacement costs were OUTRAGIOUS so we made a couple out of the same 2"pvc and curb rescued tile underlayment. You can find more details on my other "ibles"


The start of the Haunt hasn't changed much since last year, the original idea came from instructables, it was modified to fit our location and situation, we used an atv sized winch to raise and lower the drawbridge. Over the drawbridge and thru a fog filled tunnel you head towards the old style coffin used as a doorway

Step 4: Enter If You Dare

Once thru the coffin door you enter twisting hallways filled with ghouls, skelatons and etc, hearing the door slam behind you helps add to the thrill level, Im not going to show any pics of the dark tunnels, theres nothing there but some hanging strings and gauze and pitch black doesnt photograph well with a flash... once thru the dark tunnel your met but a 9foot clown under a bright strobe light

Step 5: Lock Up

Past the clown you enter the haunted jail, a forgotten prisoner rots away in the stock, beware of the insane inmate, did that body bag just move? notice the detour sign that distracts you from the next scare

Step 6: To the Mad Butcher

through the gate your heading towards the meat market and missing the small dark cubicle to the right, until the young lady lets out an ear peircing scream and kicks the bottom of the plywood wall !  Directly ahead is a rack with hands and feet still attached, the body lays in front of the mad butcher ask for your favorite cut of meat or step next door and allow the short order cook to make you a fresh tongue sandwich or perhaps you'd rather finger and toe food..

Step 7: Spider Tunnel

We were calling this the "spider tunnel" basically so we knew where it was, yes there are some large spiders but there are also ghouls and some great spot for our roaming charectors to get a good scare. Pass the feasting spider and you enter the Ghouls Dyener

Step 8: Ghouls Dyener and Chernobyl Bar

This next section relies on flurescent and glow paint, some tables and chairs with ghouls and place settings make up the diener, the large jug of zombie juice is made using 3 yellow highlighters and water, a couple of dollar store toys that "grow" in water fill a couple of containers and a pickled punk inspired by instructables fill up the "bar". Just outside the Haunt is the Buccanners Roost

Step 9: Pumpkin Patch and Graveyard

Past the demon rising from the pool is the graveyard, a dvd projector shoots a b&w movie on the side of the truck while your attention is on the movie and your thinking your finely safe a 6'8 scarecrow leaps out of the pumpkin patch. In the background is the zombie with headless bride wedding (its the last year for this setting)

Step 10: Chapel and Exit

The wedding chapel is the last exhibit before your exit thru the candy tent, yes she is really pregnant, you can see how we made her belly cover here.  to finish up a couple of our actors

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