Introduction: My Oak Kitchen Counter Tops Looked Like a Hill Billy After a Bad Fight Missing Some Serious Teeth. (How I Screwed Up and Then Fixed My Mistakes.)

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It seemed the perfect choice for my little country kitchen. I made my counter tops out of oak from out in my barn knowing FULL WELL that they would probably do EXACTLY what they did. I love how trolls online will still attempt to explain to me why this happened lol as if I didn't know exactly that this was going to happen.

In the end, my counter tops were created by me when I had absolutely no budget but a pile of oak in my barn. So I made them knowing full well that this was what was going to happen. So, then I fixed them and this is how I fixed them.

The first few boards beside the sink were all right so I added LOTS more nails to them and then, oh so carefully, started pulling up the rest of the tops. I have only incredible things to say about wood glue, the majority of the counter top came up in huge chunks, held together really well by nothing but the glue I put between the boards.

Step 1: When Things Go South...

I was not shy with the glue or the nails this time and did a certain amount of pounding them in, mostly to make myself feel better, pounding on things is always good for making me feel better! With the counter tops all together again (like they were the first time) I went around with my glue and filled in any lingering gaps.

After letting them dry over night I tackled them with the my sander the next morning. I sanded them really well, starting with medium grit sand paper and then moving on to fine grit until I, once again, had a lovely smooth surface. Back to lovely again!

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