Introduction: Ouroborus Ring

To make this instructable you will need


That's it

Sorry for blurry shots

Step 1: Molding the Ring Size

Take your wire and wrap it around something circular that is the size you want to make it about 3 - 8 times

I used a chair foot but anything from flashlights to candlesticks would work

After you finish unspool a decent amount of wire ( 10-20 times the diameter of your ring)

Do not worry if you used too little. You could always add another piece of wire to your ring to complete it.

Step 2: Making the Ring

Now to make the ring you need to take the wire hanging around your ring and wrap it around your ring from interior to exterior (the pictures show it well) you will need to repeat that action until the entire ring is covered

Step 3: Making the Head

The head is the hardest part of the ring you will need to use pliers on this part.

The head can be portrayed in many different ways (you do not need to use my examples

I made my dragon heads by creating the horns then making a mouth

The horns are just the wire going backward for about a centimeter then returning then I pressed the two strands together to make them appear as one

The mouth can be portrayed in many different ways. I recommend making a loose cricket around the area you want it to be then mold it into the shape you want it

If you have any questions or you wish to show me your design please leave a comment

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